We are a team of artist-engineers based in Las Vegas who manufacture robot kits for the do-it-yourself crowd.

Contact us at : info@robot-army.com

Sarah Petkus : Sarah would like to call herself a neo-renaissance man. Spending many years playing art school musical chairs, she traveled across the country from SAIC in Chicago to LCAD in Laguna Beach in search for the right environment to create things in. Like most stories, the place she was searching for happened to be right in her back yard all along. With a new perspective on life and a dozen new skills collected, she decided to develop that certain environment in her home town of Las Vegas. Transitioning from more traditional art practices into electronics caused her to cross paths with a budding hackerspace called SYN Shop, where she met her collaborator Mark and many other inspired people who have the same passion for creating and sharing ideas. She wishes to inspire and promote others to invent things so that the community in Las Vegas will one day make the city an epicenter for art-tech.

Mark Koch : When Mark was a fledgling, he enjoyed tinkering with electronics and drawing. He wanted badly to go to art school, but out of fear that he'd amount to nothing more than a hack selling velvet Elvises on the side of the road, his mother encouraged him to pursue a real career in something substantial, like engineering. Heeding her advice, Mark attended classes at DeVry University for doing all the snazzy stuff that goes on inside robots, like building circuitry and programming code to make stuff do. These skills brought him to Silicon Valley, where he worked for Sun Microsystems until his hair started to turn grey and fall out. Once this chapter of his life came to a close, Mark reclaimed his life force, eventually co-founding a hackerspace in his home town of Las Vegas (where he met Sarah). Now, Mark works part time at Blue Man Group fixing all the awesome machines there.