Do you want to rule the world one day? You should start by building your own robotic minion! Whether you want to become a tinkerer of gizmos or an arch-engineer wizard of larger-than-life mechatronics, our kits are a great way to get your feet wet and continue learning the skills you'll need to wield technological greatness. Even if you're a seasoned creator, let our robots be a point of departure for your own creative ventures!

Our delta robot kit is fun to build, sharp to look at, and a great way to develop an understanding of the delta robot type!

Mark and I are using this model in our massive robotic installation, Light Play. Along the road, we're coming up with a lot of interesting demos that involve all sorts of peripherals, like the Xbox Kinect, Leap, and facial recognition. The code we develop will be open to use so that you can try it out too.

Though our robot is mighty, it isn't in the same league as other delta robots associated with high speed pick and place or 3D printing. It is meant for learning and experimentation... and in a sense, is an extension of the greater collective which is our art installation. For those who are curious about the details of our robot's performance, here are some numbers :

Delta Robot Specifics
dimensions approximately 20cm x 20cm wide, and 20cm tall when at rest (a little less than 8" x 8" x 8")
range of motion The end effector can reach a diameter of approximately 28cm (about 11"), z-axis 13cm-15cm (about 6")
strength The robot is able to lift around 12oz (a can of soda) with its end effector.
speed approximately 150mm/sec on its z-axis (up and down), and 250mm/sec on its x-y axis

Product Links
Robot Army Starter Kit The kit's official kickstarter Page
Project GitHub Where you can find our demo code (coming soon!)
Light Play The light installation built from this model of robot
Robotic Arts progress on the development of this product