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We did it! With the help of our world domineering supporters on Kickstarter we have what we need to begin building that super huge collective of interactive delta robots we've been working on for so long known as Project Light Play. If you still want to get involved and be a part of the take-over, here are the ways you can contribute :

Robot Army Patronage
Want to sponsor a robot in the Light Play installation, name it, and pick its number within the collective? For $80 you will fund the production of a delta robot for our art installation, Light Play, which we will keep. In return for helping us grow our numbers, you can name the robot and pick its number within the ranks from a list of what's available, which we'll then etch onto the acrylic base of the unit. The robot will become a permanent part of the army and go with us on all our cool adventures! We'll also send you a robot army shirt so you can show off to everyone that you support world domination with robots!
Shirt Size
Within US only
Robot Army Adoption

Do you want to build and keep your own delta robot? For $150 you'll receive a Robot Army Starter Kit which you can assemble, love and hack to do your bidding. The kit will include the servo motors, parts, harware, and PCB brain required to make your robot do! Remember! Our special yellow delta isn't meant to be thought of as a toy or a piece of industrial machinery, rather, a piece of electronic art that has the potential to aide in learning. We post most of the code we develop on our Github so that you can expand on what we develop with your own little minion.