The time is drawing near! Our list of things to finish is shrinking steadily as we prep the first batch of kits for their test run here in Las Vegas at the local hackerspace. If you happened to find yourself in the city of light towards the end of the summer, be sure to check this page for the meetup announcement so that you can be among the first to pick up and assemble their little yellow robot.

After we verify everything is in fact ready to go, we'll be sending the kits out in the order on our backer list as they're ready, 50 at a time.

Soon everyone will have their posters, kits, and shirts. Smiles will be had my all... especially Mark and I as we'll finally get to flesh out the installation to its intended scale (WHICH IS LARGE!)

Check out all of the illustrations we've created throughout the year to promote the coming delta robot invasion! : Robot Army Propaganda
Visit our new Flikr album to see more long exposure pictures of the neon yellow brood : Family Photos